Pete Vander Poel for Tulare County Supervisor
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Devin Nunes, U.S. Congressman, 21st District
Bill Wittman, Tulare County Sheriff
Phil Cline, Tulare County District Attorney
Connie Conway, Tulare County Supervisor District 2
David Macedo, Tulare City Councilman
Carlton Jones, Tulare City Councilman
Joe Cardoza, Tulare Joint Union High School District Board
Tulare County Deputy Sherrif’s Association
Latino Peace Officer’s Association
Professional Law Enforcement Managers Association
John T. Rankin, Jr., former Porterville City Councilman
Willard Epps, Tulare City Fire Battalion Chief, TCSD Board
Adrian Holguin, Tulare Joint Union High School District Board
Phil Plascencia, Vice President TCSD Board
Bill Postlewaite, former Tulare City School District Superintendent
Howard Berger, Tulare Joint Union High School District Superintendent
John Beck, Tulare City School District Superintendent
Lori Cardoza, COS Board of Trustees
Tom Barcellos, Lower Tule River Irrigation District
Nick Canata, Delano-Earlimart Irrigation District
Parmod Kumar, M.D., Tulare District Hospital Board
Prem Kamboj, M.D., Tulare District Hospital Board
Tulare City Professional Fire Fighters Association

Bill and Chris Adams
Johnny Amaral
Paul Atlas
Matt and Evette Bakke
Tom and Felomena Barcellos
Skip and Mary Jane Barwick
William and Lorraine Van Beek
Bob Bender
Bradcoy Bickers
Mel J. Borbolla
Gary and Leslie Bos
Rhett "Tim" Bullock
Dave Caetano
Bill Cain
Isidro Carasco
David and Lori Cardoza
Duane Cardoza
Luis Castellanoz
Ronnie Castro
Michael Clancy
Don Clark
Dahl and Larayne Cleek
Lawrence Coelho
John Corkins
Brian Costa
Ben Curti
Ken Curti
Phillip A. and Janis L. Curti
Anthony and Monique da Costa
Nathan Deboom
Kenneth Dodson, Jr.
Clifford H. Dunbar
Larry Dutto
Wanda Elliott
Manual and Dollie Faria
Robert Feenstra
Joey Fernandes
Gordon Foster
Daniel S. Freitas
Dave and Kim Gisler
Great Valley Land Co.
Butch Gimlin
Nancy Gimlin
Gina and Doug Graham
Karen Griffith
Gus Hauff
Nathan Heeringa
Amy Hermann
Dale and Pat Hillman
Bret Hilman
Scot and Sue Ann Hillman
Wayne Hinman
John Hobbs
James Hose
Shirley Holguin
Bill Ingram
Michael and Sherri Jeffris
Bill Jongsma
Jim and Mary Ann Jordan
Steve Kabot
Cornell Kasbergen
Kevin and Nina Kruse
Claribel Lagomarsino
Fred Lagomarsino
Curt and Janet Lange
Terry Langlie
Jace Leal
Robet and Stacy Leal
Gary LeMay
Chad Lew
Todd Lewis
Brian and Julie Locke
Mark Lucio
M.J. Brothers, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Macedo
Jessy Malli, D.D.S.
Sarjeet Malli, D.D.S.
Dennis Martinez
Bob Matlick
Dan McCarthy
Don McCarthy
Mike McCarthy
Tim McCarthy
Norris McElroy
Victor and Debbie Mendes
Bud Mouw
James Netto
Joe and Alda H. Noronha
Adriano Nunes
Paul Nunes
Ken Nunes
Ty and Alden Nunes
Tony Nunes, Jr.
Greg and Michelle Nunley
Basil J. Perch
Dan Pickett
Pat Pinkham
Lionel Pires
Farms Pitigliano
Janet T. Potter
Robert Quinn
Ron Quinn
Gary Reed
Richard Revheim
Robert Reynolds
Ron Rink
Manuel Rodrigues
Albert J. Sa
Jeff and Aimee Sa
R.L. Schafer
Larry Serpa
Steve Shahan
Tom Sigley
Don Silva
David Silviera
Stanley S. Simpson
Jerry Sinift
Craig Smith
Janet L. Smith
Vincent and Pamela Sola
Lionel and Theresa Soares
Manuel and Jenny Sousa
Tony Souza
Larry and Carol Stone
Jim and Sara Sutton
Tony and Kim Taylor
Michael F. Tharp
Lonnie Tiesiera
Jimi Valov
John Valov
Jake and Barbara Van Ruiten
Bill Van Scyoc
Henry Vander Poel
John Vander Poel
Mike Vander Poel
John Visser
Bill Warmerdam
Dan Wasnick
Mike Wasnick
Robert Wasnick
Brian Watte
Mark Watte
DeAne Westbrook
Rollan Westly
Mary Wiedeman
Dan and Barbara Xavier


Tulare County Voter Information

CLICK HERE to be directed to Tulare County's Voter Registration and Elections website.

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